Top 10 Questions Managers should ask themselves

…..and their Team every day

Are you a great Manager?  How do you know that you are or are not?

Great Managers show their human side. They are willing and prepared to hear what their team are saying and interested in helping the individual for the benefit of the entire organization

Respected managers ask questions. If you really want to be a great manager ask questions as you meet up with everyone in your organization, in fact, make a point of meeting up with everyone

In order to find out how you, the individual and the entire organization are performing, here are 10 questions to ask

Ask around, your team, other managers, even those who are not directly part of the team, such as cleaners and of course yourself  at the end of the day:

  1. What made you mad today?
  2. What took too long?
  3. What caused complaints today?
  4. What was misunderstood today?
  5. What cost too much?
  6. What was wasted?
  7. What was too complicated?
  8. What was just plain silly?
  9. What job involved too many people?
  10. What job involved too many actions?

These questions should get you a fairly accurate understanding of the true running of the business or organization.  Answers to those 10 questions can be used to implement better processes and procedures in a very direct and practical way









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