DISCOVER How Knowing Your Personality Type Gives You the Competitive Advantage You Need in Business Today and how it’s Got Virtually Unlimited Applications!

FREE Personality Test

Here is how it works:


The Test consists of a 4 page Xcel File

You are checking your Strengths and your Weaknesses

Both make up your Profile

Check the meaning of each descriptive word on the Word Definition PDF as you do the test

Select the most appropriate descriptive word for yourself in each line and type a 1 into the field next to it

Do that with Strengths and Weaknesses

Check your Strengths at the bottom of the Scoring Sheet – Strengths

Check your Weaknesses on the scoring Sheet Weaknesses – this sheet also has the complete score at the bottom


 Step 1 – Open Personality Test Word Definitions Here

Step 2 – Open Personality SWOT Here

Step 3 – Open Personality at Work Here

Step 4 – Open Personality Profile Here…then save and re-use 

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