Leader or Manager

4 Signs to identify a Leader over a Manager

“Stop Managing Your Employees and Start Leading Them”…writes Jacob Kache, earlier this year….

…and right he is!

There are generally not many natural-born leaders and when you find yourself put into a leadership position by default, developing leadership skills is one of the most important things for you to learn

We’ve pulled these 4 Signs to identify a leader from a Manager from an article published earlier in the year by Jacob Kache in Businesss2Business

1. Leaders Don’t “Tell,” They “Do”

Simply managing people is not leadership. The major difference is that a manager will want to delegate and work out how the team should be doing things. Leaders will lead by example and do it themselves first. It’s not about rules and regulations, it’s about pulling the team together by giving and being the example

2. Leaders Aren’t Afraid of Change

Great leaders are ready for change when the times or circumstances so demand. Leaders will recognize those times and be ahead of change. It’s in the type of culture a leader creates that change becomes part of progress

3. Leaders Do What Needs to Be Done

Great leaders will know when it’s time to do the right thing over simply going along with others. Tough decisions are made by what is best for all and for the long term. There is no blame but taking on the responsibility for a true leader

4. Leaders Lead People, Managers Manage Affairs

I really like what Jacob wrote for this sign:

Managers know the importance of the job that they do. They realize that they are in charge of making sure that things get done, and producing good results. But leaders recognize that results are brought about by productive workplace, and more specifically, a group of individuals. Each individual on the team, each employee in the company, is a unique person with unique needs, and crucially, unique skills

Definitely something I’ve always experienced and followed

We hope this gives you an insight on the difference between a Manager and a Leader and you can shape yourself to the one you need to show right now

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