Top 10 Questions Managers should ask themselves …..and their Team every day Are you a great Manager?  How do you know that you are or are not? Great Managers show their human side. They are willing and prepared to hear what their team are saying and interested in helping the […]


4 Signs to identify a Leader over a Manager “Stop Managing Your Employees and Start Leading Them”…writes Jacob Kache, earlier this year…. …and right he is! There are generally not many natural-born leaders and when you find yourself put into a leadership position by default, developing leadership skills is one […]

Leader or Manager

The Hidden Costs of loosing Employees It is generally known that costs associated with staff turnover are great but do you know where you feel it most? Here are 5 areas deeply affected by staff leaving and how you can avoid it 1. Less Productivity How are you going to […]

Employee Turnover

Hang On To Top Employees The best way to keep your top employees is to know them better than they know themselves. Use this knowledge to create the career of their dreams, and they’ll stick to your company like glue. The new “biz-speak” for this is called Job Sculpting.   […]

Top Employees

Walking Management – What is it? The MBWA method is a management concept that has gotten a lot of “buzz” and popularity in the last decade or so because it is part of a business model for cultural change within the enterprise that has proven successful in a lot of businesses. […]

Walking Management

5 Points to Help set up Effective Meetings Are your meetings unproductive? In many organisations meetings are seen as wasting time. Managers and Employees come together and bring their egos rather than productive material to be discussed and decided upon Worse, meetings are not a regular occurrence and information is […]

Meeting Points

REVEALED: How I always find the right Employee, increase Employee Performance and achieve Employee Motivation with my Team Development Formula….(and I never have to fire an Employee!)   5 Easy Steps To Perfect Employee Performance   To: ….all Business Owners and Managers who want Employee Satisfaction but struggle to find […]

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